What are the different fees on my Share Notice?

In the update to the Sharing Guidelines adopted June 9, 2020 by the Board of Directors, there was a change to the Members financial participation. Previously, there were initial and yearly Membership Dues, and the Monthly Contribution consisted of an Administrative Fee and the Monthly Share Amount. The Administrative Fee also included the first two months of the new Member’s Monthly Contribution.

The updated Sharing Guidelines changes the allocation of Members financial participation to provide further clarity and to align with IRS form 990 filings. There is still an initial Membership Dues, but the Monthly Contribution is further delineated to the Monthly Share Amount, Administrative Fee, Program Service Fee and Donation. The Monthly Share Amount is the monetary contribution voluntarily given to Share in another’s Member’s medical expenses. The Administrative Fee includes expenses for educational, administrative, or capital expenses. The Program Services Fee includes expenses to facilitate the sharing of Member’s Eligible Medical Expenses, to promote the health and wellness of the Members and to assist Members to be good stewards of their healthcare. Any amount contributed over the suggested Monthly Contribution will be a donation.

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