How do I make a donation to Solidarity HealthShare?

Members have the ability to make a donation that is in addition to their Monthly Contribution each month. This amount will be considered a donation to the Solidarity HealthShare Foundation and will not apply to future monthly Share Notices. If a Member makes their Monthly Contribution by credit card or ACH, the additional amount will appear on their Share Notice each month until the donation is disabled by the Member. If a Member makes their Monthly Contribution by check, the amount can be added to the total check amount (details below).


How to Add Additional Amount to Share Notice in Your Member Care Portal:

      • Log into your Member Care Portal
      • Navigate to “Permissions” in the Sharing section on the left menu
      • In the 2nd section titled “Optional Amount,” click “Edit” on the right side
      • Check the box next to “Optional Amount Enabled”
      • Indicate the additional amount to be included on your monthly Share Notice
          • Tip – double click inside the box to highlight the numbers in the box, then type in the amount
      • Click “Save”

The optional amount will begin appearing on the next published Share Notice 

Members can also make a donation by check at any time. The check should include the Membership ID and "donation" on the memo line. Donations can be mailed to:
Solidarity HealthShare
P.O. Box 26967
Tempe, AZ 85282-6967
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