Acute Illness (Urgent Care) Visits


Tips for using your Membership with a Provider

  1. When possible, schedule an appointment with your provider. Solidarity doesn’t have a specific network of doctors and you are free to choose one you prefer.
  2. You will likely be asked for your “insurance information”. Present your Member ID card and request that they bill Solidarity directly (our billing information and Payor ID are on the back of your card).
  3. Reminder: You have an Annual Unshared Amount (AUA) to fulfill. The AUA will be your responsibility once the bill has been processed. This is NOT a “deductible” and you do not have a “co-pay”. Charges for your visit should not be paid up front.

What should you do if a Provider won't take your card?

  1. Give our Member Care team a call at 844-313-4999. They can talk to the Provider on your behalf while you’re there.
  2. While upfront cash payment may seem like the best financial course of action, we encourage you to have your Provider submit your need to us directly. Direct submissions allow us to work directly and efficiently with your Provider to ensure fair and just pricing on your bills.
  3. If they would rather you handle the Medical Need, request an Itemized bill and submit it through your Member Care Portal.

Please Note: All Medical Needs must be submitted within 90 days of the date of service in order to be eligible for sharing. This applies to Provider submitted needs as well as Member submitted needs.


Final Note

Remember: You can also submit prescriptions (including the receipts). The first 90 days of prescription are eligible for sharing.

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