What is Solidarity HealthShare, and how does it work?

Solidarity HealthShare is a healthcare sharing ministry that provides an alternative way to fund healthcare costs while protecting and practicing our Catholic beliefs. It is ethical, affordable, and exempt from the fines (taxes) of the Affordable Care Act.

When you need medical care, you visit the doctor or hospital of your choice. We provide you with a Solidarity HealthShare card that you will provide to the healthcare provider with instructions on how to bill Solidarity. Solidarity checks to determine if the care provided is eligible for sharing based on the Sharing Guidelines. Solidarity then negotiates the bill on your behalf, resulting in the lowest possible cost of care. All eligible medical bills are then shared among members through a secure online Member Care Portal (which each Member contributes to). Solidarity then uses facilitates the payment of the medical bill on behalf of the Member to the Provider or reimbursement to the Member based on the negotiated bill.

For more information on Solidarity, learn about our Sharing Guidelines.

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