How do I change my payment method to ACH?

You can change your payment method to ACH in the Member Care Portal. To change your payment method to ACH, follow the steps below:

  • Log into your Member Care Portal and click on “Sharing” in the left menu.
  • Click on Permissions


  • On the Sharing Permissions page, click “Edit” on the “Auto Sharing” section.


  • Select “ACH” from the payment method dropdown.
  • Click on “Add a New Account”


  • Enter all of your banking information in the pop-up box
  • Once entered, click “Add Account”



  • To set up your auto-funding to ensure you never miss a Monthly Contribution, check the “Auto Sharing Enabled” box.


  • To set your auto-funding date, select a date between Day 15 and Day 25 in the “Recurring” dropdown box at the bottom of the section. This will be the date your Monthly Contribution is drawn from your linked account each month.



  • Once complete, click "Save."



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