Drexi Pharmacy Program Information

Along with their Solidarity Member ID, Solidarity Healthshare Members can present the following information at the pharmacy to use their Drexi Pharmacy program. 

Rx Group:                  SHS001
Rx Bin:                       018448
Rx PCN:                     66202303
Rx Helpdesk:            844-728-3479


Solidarity ONE Members:

Generic prescription drugs are eligible for Sharing and are not subject to the Annual Unshared Amount.  Members have access to Drexi Pharmacy Sharing for retail prescription drugs based on the current formulary and co-share schedule (see below).  

Solidarity ONE Co-Share Schedule:

$0-$5 = 100% Member responsibility
$5-$25 = $5 co-share
$25-$50 = $10 co-share
$50-$100 = $20 co-share
$100-$200 = $50 co-share
$200-$1000 = 50% co-share
$1000+ = Not Eligible for Sharing

*All name brand medications will still receive the pass through savings at 100% Member responsibility
**Discounts are not available on medications that do not meet Solidarity's ethical guidelines
   (i.e. contraceptives, abortifacients, etc.)


Legacy Premier Members:

Members have access to Drexi Pharmacy Wholesale program which provides access to discounts on certain prescription drugs.  Prescription drugs are eligible for Sharing ninety (90) days after the onset of each related Incident.  

Please Note: Prescription Drugs obtained from Drexi participating pharmacies are eligible for Sharing, however, Legacy Premier Members must pay for the prescription drugs and submit to Solidarity HealthShare for Sharing, and the Co-Share Schedule does not apply. Prescriptions would apply to the Annual Unshared Amount if applicable.

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