What healthsharing model does Solidarity use?

The traditional healthsharing model is a “Cash Pay Model” that requires Members to negotiate and pay providers themselves and wait for reimbursement. This model is not only inconvenient, it also only saves an average of 35-45% off billed charges.

Other healthshares instead choose to lease national provider networks from third parties to make it easier for members at the provider’s office. These healthshare Members are ultimately paying more because those networks generate savings that are typically only about 30% off billed charges, which is only marginally less expensive than insurance.

What Solidarity HealthShare uses instead is called a Reference Based Pricing model. With this model, you are not restricted by a network, and you can go to any provider that you prefer. The process works best when you have your provider bill Solidarity directly. Once we receive the bill, we reprice it based on Medicare’s rate for that specific service. This approach has been proven to consistently generate savings of 60-70% off billed charges. Just as important, this approach is much less inconvenient for Members at the point-of-service than the historical Cash Pay model. You do also have the option of submitting the bill to the community for reimbursement, if cash pay was the only option, but we always recommend having the provider send the bill to us directly since you’ll see the greatest savings that way.

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